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Handrail Pro Edition

Are you working on a lot of projects, need a specific feature, or would benefit from some professional services? With Handrail Pro Edition, we can accommodate your needs. Get in touch and help us understand your specific situation so we can create a custom solution for you and your team!

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Pro Edition Options

Custom Pricing

If you are a large organization, educational institution, or startup accelerator program with multiple projects going on at the same time, get in touch to get a custom pricing quote!

Multiple Admins

Need more than one administrator per project? Let us know your specific needs and we'll add additional roles and rights to your account.

SSO Integration

Want to access your Handrail projects without the hassle of another set of log in credentials? Let us know what service you are using and we can take that headache away!

Professional Services

We're here to help! Take advantage of our research and design expertise services ranging from training and consultation all the way to completely executing the research project for you. Contact us for more information.

On Premise Install

We understand security is important. We can install Handrail on your private servers and even give you your very own domain.


Need something we didn't cover here? Let us know your situation and we can create a custom solution specifically for your needs!
for a custom solution
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