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Handrail Solo Edition

Discover a more efficient and effective way to plan, collect, and analyze your user research. Create Personas, conduct unlimited research session and surveys, and capture findings all in one place. We'll store it all safely with Handrail Solo Edition. Coming soon!

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Handrail Solo Edition offers you:

  • Unlimited studies and participant sessions
  • AES-256 bit encryption for safe data storage
  • Qual/Quant question types and template library
  • Persona creator and reporting features
  • Centralized location for user research
  • Real time results and data exporting
Plan and collect

Plan and Collect

Quickly create a study from the question library or loosely outline topics of discussion and probing questions you will use during individual user interviews.

Easily capture answers, notes and observations of your concept in person or when you are conducting remote moderated research sessions.

Surveys are easy to share and real-time results enable you to start identifying successes and pain points as they arise.

Creating an Interview Guide

Uncover Deep Insights

We provide you with the user research tools to discover what is truly meaningful to the business and to the people you serve.

Create a survey or interview guide to gather feedback for concept validation or to help make your product/service even more useful, usable, and desirable.

Handrail can adjust for any screen size
real time results help you make better decisions faster

Make Better Decisions Faster

Real time results provide you with meaningful information as soon as it is gathered. Usability testing helps you quickly identify what is working and what needs to be improved so you can make better user-centered design & development decisions faster. Coming soon!

We will contact you when this package is available
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