Handrail for Lean Startups

The fundamental unit of progress for the Lean Methodology is validated learning. And the best way to validate learning is by having conversations with your customers and observing them interact with your product or service.

When you continually focus on identifying what customers want, you don't have to spend months waiting for a product launch to change direction. Instead you can turn your idea into an MVP, capture how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or persevere.

lean cycle
real time results help you make better decisions faster

Make Better Decisions Faster

Real time results provide you with meaningful information as soon as it is gathered. Quickly identify what is working and what needs to be improved so you can make better user-centered design & development decisions faster.

Persona Creation & Validation

Capture your users' wants, needs, and pain points by creating personas within Handrail and then filter and sort the research you've collected in order to bring them to life.

quickly aggregate and analyze results

Quickly Aggregate and Analyze

Clearly identify information that helps you achieve product/market fit, drive UX/CX strategy and indicate when to pivot.

Deeply understand your users perspective, what they are trying to do and the outcomes they are trying to achieve so you can create something they will love.