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Handrail Team Edition

The better you and your team understand your users, the more meaningful you can make the experience. Utilize collaborative note taking to capture observations and notes during each research session with Handrail Team Edition.

$99/month or $1089/year*
No credit card required for trial
* Unlimited projects for a limited time.

Handrail Team Edition offers you:

  • Unlimited collaborators and read only access
  • Centralized location for user research
  • Collaborative note taking
  • Qual/Quant question types and template library
  • Unlimited studies and participant sessions
  • Real time results and data exporting
collaborate with your team

Collaborate With Your Team

Whether in house or all over the globe, Handrail Team Edition is a centralized location where you can have your entire team involved in the user research process.

Unlimited notetakers can take part observing participant interviews and contributing their insights and feedback. Real time results are accessible to the team at any time.

Quickly Aggregate and Analyze

Clearly identify information that helps you achieve product/market fit, drive UX/CX strategy and indicate when to pivot.

Deeply understand you users perspective, what they are trying to do and the outcomes they are trying to achieve so you can create something they will love.

quickly aggregate and analyze results
advanced reporting

Make Better Decisions Faster

Real time results provide you with meaningful information as soon as it is gathered. Quickly identify what is working and what needs to be improved so you can make better user-centered design & development decisions faster.

$99/month or $1089/year*
No credit card required for trial
* Unlimited projects for a limited time.
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