Handrail for UX Teams

Understanding what people need, want, and desire is key to making products and services people love. The best way to understand is by having frequent conversations with your users and observing them interact with your product or service.

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Persona Creation & Validation

Capture your users' wants, needs, and pain points by creating personas within Handrail and then filter and sort the research you've collected in order to bring them to life.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Quickly create an interview guide or survey from the question library or loosely outline topics of discussion and probing questions you will use during individual user interviews.

Easily capture answers, notes, and observations of your concept in person or when you are conducting remote moderated research sessions.

Surveys are easy to share and real-time results enable you to start identifying successes and pain points as they arise.

Creating an Interview Guide

Handrail can adjust for any screen size
quickly aggregate and analyze results

Analyze Information & Identify Insights

Clearly identify information that helps you achieve product/market fit, drive UX/CX strategy and indicate when to pivot.

Deeply understand your users' perspective, what they are trying to do, and the outcomes they are trying to achieve so you can create something they will love.


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